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How To Seal The Food Using Stretch And Fresh?

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When you have many food items left over, you should always use a method to store the same, properly. If food items are not preserved well, they will become contaminated and storing them will be just a waste. You need to keep in mind the different ways to preserve the same. If they are not packed airtight, they will lose their nutrition and taste and they will be ruined faster. People adopt different techniques to store the food items. Some use aluminum foils to pack where as some others store them in containers. However, the major constraint for those using containers is that they may not find the appropriate lid to secure the same. They might choose a lid, which might not secure the container airtight. If you wish to secure the container air tight, you need to purchase Stretch and Fresh.

What is Stretch and Fresh?

It is a stretchable lid that can be stretched to seal containers of any size and shape.  It comes in the square shape and three sizes. The silicon covers can be stretched and it then grips the sides of the container and you can press it down to seal them. It gives an airtight seal to the container and do not let the food be contaminated.

Stretch and Fresh is suitable to for sealing and storing even liquid food items and even if the container is tilted, the liquid is not leaked and it stays fresh. This vacuum sealing property of Stretch and Fresh keeps the food fresh and prevents wastage. You can stretch the lid even a thousand times and it will not lose its sealing property. So, this unique stretchable lid is a lasting product.

Vacuum sealing property

                   Merits of Stretch and Fresh

Another main advantage of Stretch and Fresh is that they can be used in the freezer and they are also microwave safe. They are even dishwasher-safe. You can avoid the hassle of wrapping the food items using aluminum foils and save your time in the kitchen. They are environment-friendly and they can be reused any number of times. They are transparent and you can see what is inside the container.

You can save the money that you normally spend to purchase different lids, foils and wraps for storing the food items.

Stretch and Fresh is affordably priced and a set of two costs only $14.95 plus $5.99 for shipping and handling charges.

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